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Thanksgiving Challenge

In his First Principle and Foundation, Ignatius leads us towards not preferring health over sickness, riches over poverty, honor over dishonor, a long life over a short one – only desiring to do God’s will.  For me, a twinge in my back or a major unexpected expense shows how far I am from this goal. 

But this leads me to the real purpose of Thanksgiving – expunging selfishness from our souls.  Giving thanks hopefully leads to an acknowledgement that all we are and have is a gift, unearned and undeserved.  With such a disposition we should be as able to surrender the gifts as easily as we can savor them – but that’s a very tall order!

So, when we give thanks, let’s not secretly be professing relief that God blessed us more than the poor devil who lives on the street.  Instead, let’s wonder what God is dreaming for us to do with the abundance he has given to us.  Perhaps we could, together, do some wondering out-loud at the Thanksgiving table?

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