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Advanced Organic Chemistry By Lds Yadav Jagdamba Singh




FREE Shipping over $25! | No refunds. | No order minimum. Instructors/Students: The UKM Post Graduate School is not liable for any errors or omissions in this publication. The information contained in this book has been taken from the author's personal experience. Throughout the chapters, the emphasis is laid on the techniques that are required to carry out specific organic chemistry. Each unit of organic chemistry is also preceded by brief discussion of the background to the unit. This enables the student to understand the concepts involved and the rationale behind them. The book is written in a simple and lucid manner, using short, crisp sentences to convey the ideas. This makes it suitable for reference by a beginner or for students who wish to have a condensed version of the topic for study or revision. The book has been divided into three parts, The First part discusses the important concepts, principles, and important applications of Organic Chemistry, and also describes the reagents and instruments required for organic synthesis. The Second part gives complete information about Organic Synthesis, including techniques, reagents, physical chemistry, and chemical kinetics. The Third part talks about Organic Products, and their structures and properties. Table of Contents 1. Organic Chemistry - A Primer for Beginners and Students 1.1 Fundamentals 1.1.1 Introduction 1.1.2 Chemistry of Organic Molecules 1.1.3 Organic Chemistry as a Subject 1.1.4 Techniques for Organic Chemistry 1.2 Reagents and Instruments 1.2.1 Reagents 1.2.2 Chemicals Used for Organic Synthesis 1.3 Safety and Handling 2. Organic Synthesis 2.1 Inorganic Synthesis 2.1.1 Solvents and Inorganic Reagents 2.1.2 General Procedure for Inorganic Synthesis 2.2 Alkylation, Condensation, and Addition 2.2.1 Direct C-C Coupling Reactions 2.2.2 Ring-Closing Metathesis and Cross-Metathesis 2.2.3 Alkyl Halides and Reagents 2.2.4 Cross-Metathesis 2.2.5 Stereoselective C-C Coupling Reactions 2.3 Bond Formation 2.3.1 Ring



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Advanced Organic Chemistry By Lds Yadav Jagdamba Singh
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