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What's Going on at Casa?
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Welcome Steffany Garcia

Casa Romero welcomes Steffany Garcia to our staff. Steffany is coordinating our Quinceanara and Canasta Llena retreats for families. Steffany shouldn’t have any trouble getting advice as she is stepping into the role held by her sister, Cynthia.


Our deepest thanks to Cynthia for the many gifts she’s shared. Cynthia now works for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and is finishing a Masters degree at Sacred Heart School of Theology

Pandemic Relief


While providing for basic physical needs is not our core purpose, the pandemic has hit the Latinx community exceptionally hard. With the generous help of a donor and a matching gift from WE Energies, we have responded to many families with food and assistance with bills.

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You are in Good Company

We are ever grateful for your support and thought you’d like to know that a wide variety of funders see the importance of our work. In the past few months, we received grants from the following organizations:

• Bader Philanthropies
• School Sisters of Notre Dame Central Pacific Province Fund
• Ministry Focus Committee of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
• Claretian Social Development Fund
• Catholic Community Foundation
• MacGillis Foundation
• City of Milwaukee Community Development Block Grant

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New Cohort

We have welcomed a new cohort in our Spiritual Accompaniment Training Program, or Acompañantes. These Spanish-speaking Latinos will study and practice tools of Ignatian spirituality and faith sharing so that they can competently walk with people who seek more meaning and purpose in their lives. .


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Boiling Over

One of Casa’s boilers has decided to give up the ghost – a reminder that we rely on our aging building for most of our programs. Other maintenance projects lie ahead this year. Many thanks for donations to keep us warm.


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