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Fr. Dave's Notes - A Christmas Reflection

"The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel"

(which means "God with us").  -Mt 1.23


 I read this scripture the other day and it got me to thinking.

Like most people, I really like the Christmas Season. What’s not to like? It is a time of sharing, of bright colored lights and decorations, special foods, its own musical array, creches and a Star, and pervasive positive feelings towards others. In the cold and dark of winter, everyone can use an attitude adjustment, right? But for Christians, it is something more. Wrapped in all the lights and food and music is the Story. At the heart of the Story, we celebrate that moment when Eternity erupted into Time in the form of the Baby, Jesus of Nazareth, son of Mary, our Savior. This is the Reason for the Season for Christians.

So I wonder, does our culture’s festivity enhance or diminish the impact of the divine event?  I mean, what moves me more, awe that God would want to walk with us or how cute the kids are in the Christmas Pageant?


In our everyday life, when we celebrate someone’s birthday, we don’t celebrate the person as a baby only, but as the whole person, with their gifts and achievements and for what they mean to us.

Why shouldn’t it be the same for Christmas?  For sure, it was all about the Baby in Bethlehem, but a lot has happened since then. It is fun and lovely to remember Bethlehem, but we are not remembering a baby only, but a prophet who preached of justice, a healer concerned for the beggar on the side of the road, a Savior who offers freedom. We celebrate the whole Jesus, the entire message. We celebrate he who comforts us – and who challenges us to expand our comfort zone.

Come Lord Jesus, the Child – Yes! Come Christ the Lord – Yes! Yes!


May your Christmas this year bring you Light for the darkness!

May your Christmas this year bring you Joy for living!

May your Christmas this year bring you Peace for your heart!

May your Christmas this year bring you Hope!


Christmas Blessings to All!

Bendiciones Navideñas a todos!

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