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What's Going on at Casa?


The Holy Family’s journey to Bethlehem and their frustrated quest to find a proper place to bring Jesus into this world is a story that resonates deeply with immigrants who are seeking hope in their lives. The Posada is a Latin American tradition that reenacts that journey long ago and allows the Gospel to speak to our present circumstance. Each year many families come to Casa Romero to experience and celebrate this event.


Young Jesuit Joins Casa’s Staff

We are thrilled to welcome Phil Cooley to our staff. Phil is in his second year of formation as a Jesuit and will be working with us through May. We invited him to share a brief introduction...

My name is Philip (Phil/Felipe) Cooley and I am a 2nd-year Jesuit novice who will be interning at Casa Romero until early May as part of my formation with the Jesuits. I will be assisting Fr. David Shields with the adult spiritual formation groups, as well as working in Casa Romero’s youth retreats and the “urban plunge” retreats. Originally, I am from Holland, MI and I first encountered the Jesuits during my time at Xavier University where I studied Economics.

I am pleased to have been placed at Casa Romero for my internship as I hope to grow in my familiarity with retreat work – a very important ministry for the Jesuits. I have studied Spanish for most of my life and I am looking forward to growing in my ability to communicate with others in Spanish. As I continue in my formation as a Jesuit, I hope that my experience at Casa Romero will prepare me to communicate the love of God and the wisdom of St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises to English- and Spanish-speakers alike. I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

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