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What's Going on at Casa?

Art and Activism Retreat


The Ignatian Leaders group from Messmer High School in Milwaukee participated in our Art and Activism Retreat recently.  From a foundation of leadership development and social critique, these young people were supported by Casa staff and professional artists in the creation of two murals that represent their world views and that they will use to nurture and challenge their school community.  In April, this small group of leaders will guide a much larger group of Messmer students through the same experience.  It is one manifestation of Ignatius’s order “Go, set the world on fire.”

art activism pic 1.jpg
art mural 1.jpg
Art mural 2.jpg

New Faces at Casa Romero

Cynthia pic.jpg

Hello Everyone! I'm really excited to join the Casa Romero team and I can't wait to start contributing more in the Hispanic community. Growing up in the South Side area has given me many experiences and memories. Experiences that now I will be able to share it in my new role as a Retreat Coordinator. I have been the first in my family to graduate High School and very soon College with a bachelor degree on Business Administration. Being part of Mount Mary University has helped on my leadership growth and community service. I have been involved in many community organizations such as Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. My goal is to be able to help teens and families find their personal and spiritual growth. I hope that I get to meet many more people and be able to create a better difference in the community.

-Cynthia Rivera

Andi pic.jpg

I am a Milwaukee community artist, mother, and business owner. My goal is to use my gifts to plant the seeds of change into every youth retreat participant. Empower them to be the difference, to become critical thinkers on social issues that effect our communities today. 

-Andrea Lira

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