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Michael's Notes
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A sober look at the numbers:  The influx of many Latinos into the US Catholic Church partially masks the movement of so many people who are disengaging from participation in the Church.  And statistics suggest that younger Latinos will follow the pattern of Anglos in stepping away – just a generation or two later.

So, where’s the hope?  Surely that fundamental yearning for meaning, purpose and being part of something transcendent has not disappeared from the human heart.  If anything, it is crying out louder than ever – if we have the ears to hear it!

We believe that Ignatian spirituality is one effective response to this dilemma. It can speak to the experience of the disaffected.   At Casa Romero we strive to affirm and dignify the human and spiritual experiences of our participants, and to use the tools of Ignatius to help them interpret their experience.  This can be a particularly powerful experience for people who have long faced messages and behavior that diminishes the sense of their own dignity.

The fundamental tool? – the examen.  Ignatius considered the examen to be the indispensable practice for becoming spiritually mature.  Are you looking to re-engage or want to invite someone else to do so?  Perhaps trying the Examen is the way forward?

Here are a few resources to check out:

Reading:  A great starting point with links to other resources -


Watching:  Video of Fr. James Martin, S.J. offering a good, extended introduction to this practice.

                 (you can skip first 3.5 minutes)


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