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What's Going on at Casa?

Twenty Years Already

Twenty years ago this summer, Fr. David Shields SJ made the leap of faith to open the doors of Casa Romero.  There is much to be grateful for.  There are many people to thank.  There is a future to embrace.  We are making plans for a celebration, but we are waiting a bit longer to monitor the public health situation.  More news soon!

Annual Oshkosh Retreat

The hunger for meaning and spirituality does not recede during a pandemic, so we were thrilled that the Jesuit Retreat House in Oshkosh worked with us to bring back our annual Spanish language retreat last month.  For health reasons the occupancy limit was reduced but we easily filled every one of the 44 places available.  And our Spiritual Companionship Training Program participants served as facilitators for the retreatants – a great milestone in their training. 

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At Long Last - Some In-Person Retreats

With improving vaccination rates and warming weather, we are restoring some of our retreats to the format that we have missed so much – in-person.  We’re following the latest CDC guidelines along with the City of Milwaukee Health Department guidance for schools in our youth programs. 

Summer Approaches!

For several years we have had the good fortune of being able to offer a variety of summer camps for young people, thanks to financial support from the City of Milwaukee and others.  We are looking forward to using our approved health plans to once again offer music, art and soccer camps this summer – experiences that affirm the dignity of the young people with whom we work and that nurture them as tomorrow’s leaders.

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