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Michael's Reflection

It is difficult to name a spirituality that has had a more profound impact on both Church and society than that of the Jesuits. Graduates of Jesuit schools hold positions of influence throughout large portions of the world, and Jesuits themselves have been on the vanguard of Church initiatives.

Yet, Ignatius's original ministry was very small scale, built on the art of conversation. His regimen for leadership formation was always very personal and labor intensive - walking with people. He guided seekers as they wrestled with life's most important questions - giving them the tools to encounter the great mystery that we call God, to achieve a sober assessment of their incompleteness and to welcome the loving power that redeems it.

Politics will continue to be the place to shape the world, but I propose that politics is more about sorting and re-sorting people into groups and not really about changing peoples' hearts. And, without the wisdom that comes from personal transformation, our politics can delude us into letting great evil happen.

Real transformation happens on a scale that passes without notice in the eyes of the world -- wise souls spending time with people, often young, who seek to live authentic lives. Offering focus, silence, safety. Offering the space for people to see themselves as God sees them, and to discover the noble purpose of their lives.

This is the underpinning of our work at Casa Romero - offering the space and support for individuals to liberate the good that is within them, and to liberate the God that is within them.

Do you make space in your busy life for deeply listening to others? It may not feel "productive" at the moment but it lies at the heart of the Jesuit regimen for leadership development. You'll be in good company - Jesus, Ignatius, the good souls who have walked with you through your life.

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