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Geography of Spirituality

Exploring Our Emerging Spiritual Landscape


Is your spirit seeking a journey of compassionate self-discovery, exploration of sacred purpose, or heightened ability to be a spiritual companion for others?


We invite you to journey with us through the Geography of the Spirituality, fall and spring 3-session modules where we will discover together our inner divine nature and the sacred purpose to which we are called. Through reflection and thoughtful examination of   interfaith theologies, aspects in spiritual-psychology and other facets of spiritual enlightenment, the Geography of Spirituality will incite your own spiritual growth and enhance your ability to discern the movements of the Spirit in your life.


Aspects of this journey features:

  • Carefully selected themes to enhance your ability to cope with the most common challenges in every day’s life such as         vulnerability, fear, shame, grief, stress, expectations, etc.


  • Highly experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable speakers, mentors and moderators with over 30 years of experience.


  • Exciting discussions with diverse, like-minded participants on their own spiritual journeys.


  • Flexible modules of 3 month sessions; each meeting one Saturday of the month, 8:00 - 11.30 am.


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