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Casa Romero's Annual Report

Click here to view Casa's 2015-16 Annual Report.


We envision a peaceful, just and sustainable society in which every person can achieve their divinely inspired potential.

Casa Romero Renewal Center is an urban, multicultural and bilingual spirituality center serving Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin.


Motivated by the integration of faith and justice, our programs and retreats offer formation and renewal to youth and adults, strengthen families, and build community in the Ignatian tradition.


This mission is achieved through our four program and service areas: youth development, family enrichment, spiritual formation and social justice awareness.



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Inspired by the Catholic and Ingnatian tradition of care for the whole person, we believe:


  • in the divinely inspired gifts and callings of every person

  • that every person has the right to self-development and pursuit of his/her divine purpose and destiny

  • that every person deserves to be treated with love, dignity and respect

  • that diversity makes us stronger

All of our programs:


  • Offer a safe, structured, nurturing family environment

  • Engage individuals in the recognition and understanding of their unique gifts

  • Facilitate youth dreams, goals, and the creation of a life vision

  • Provide youth and adults with personal and leadership formation

  • Help inform a positive world view

  • Extend the ideas of cultural awareness, social justice, community outreach, and spiritual growth


Visit our programs page for a complete list!


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